17th July 2016

ADDOCKER.COM is making steady progress in terms of its presence and ranking on the #internet. This has been in part due to our generous free ads offer. You can freely view ads that have been listed by small and large businesses located around the #world. We have no plans to charge any fees at this time thus the good news for you as a business is that ad listings will continue to be free for the foreseeable future.

We encourage new subscribers to place ads whenever and wherever they need to. Remember there are many categories to choose where to list #ads on ADDOCKER.COM

We’re adverting the site in order to reach more viewers and to gain new ADDOCKERS. And you can see that ADOCKER is growing on a daily basis.

We’re using Twitter to #promote the ads listed on ADDOCKER.COM and we have over 16,000 genuine followers on Twitter. We are using the Twitter account @cluedupcity to promote ads.

If you’re managing a start-up, we encourage you to #advertise your business, #project, #product, #service, #App with us because this will save you money and attract many viewers over time. Don’t forget to include a link to your website when placing ads on ADDOCKER.COM.

We also welcome individuals wanting to sell a real estate, cars, household items etc to list Ads on ADDOCKER.COM There are many viewers looking for such items. So if you want to gain more exposure for items you’re trying to sell and avoid paying advertising fees, simply list your items on ADDOCKER.COM

Traffic stats: www.ADDOCKER.COM receives thousands of page views. People are looking to buy items, and are interested in doing business with those offering services and selling products. When you list Ads on ADDOCKER.COM they remain unless you remove them. You control your own Ads; this means you can also edit your Ads when you decide to. We will not charge you any money to, become a member, to list, edit or renew Ads. Other Ad websites charge businesses, thus if you’re looking to save money then ADDOCKER.COM should be your 1st choice. It’s a no-brainer, a win win for your business aims.

Businesses in the service sector can use ADOCKER.COM to promote their services. Users of such services can leave comments under their Ads. So whether you have a financial, law, tech, vehicle, plumbing, removals, electrical, gardening, mechanical service etc etc simply list Ads on ADDOCKER.COM to #skyrocket your business into further success.

In the coming months ADDOCKER.COM will be reaching out to various businesses who advertise on other platforms. Platforms that charge those businesses but do not promote them as we do. We randomly select Ads on our site to feature for free on our home page. Thus it’s important to list your business, list your Ad on ADDOCKER.COM without delay.

Over the coming months into 2018 we expect to see an increase of listings and of viewers from around the globe. ADDOCKER.COM is a #global brand. A business #directory and classifieds ads site. Here to stay. Here to promote your businesses whether #startups, small or large businesses. And we welcome you to list free ads whether businesses or classified Ad related.

End 2017

we have over 1,200 members. The majority of which use our site as business directory. We’re on target to reach 2,500 subscribers by end 2018. If you haven’t already done so, we encourage you to start listing free ads on ADDOCKER.COM today. And don’t forget to tell a family member and your friends about ADDOCKER.COM membership is 100% free as it’s also free to list ads on our site.

30th December 2017

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16th March 2018

To the person in Russia who spent approximately 35 hours creating hundreds of accounts on ADDOCKER.COM in order to fill the bios with spam. Just to let you know we deleted all of them in under 5 minutes 😉

ADDOCKER does not tolerate spam. Don’t waste your time. Our site is a professional global business directory.

ADDOCKER.COM now has over 1,800 members. We’re on target to exceed 2,500 members by end 2018. We’re forecasting the true number to be 3,000. And by end 2019, 5,500. And by end 2020 10,000+ If you know of a business that might like to advertise for free on ADDOCKER.COM let them know about us.

1st May 2018 now has over 2,200 global business ads. Averaging 9.5 ads per day. Whether you’re in the Auto dealer business, into property sales, a personal injury #lawyer, a #dentist, or we developer, whatever business you manage your company needs to be on to increase its online presence. The good news is all ad listings are free. Take advantage by posting an ad for your business today!

More and more global web users are turning looking for #companies to do business with. Our network is growing in many service areas around the world. If your business is not yet listed on addocker take a few minutes to list your free ad today. From an #SEO perspective it makes sense to connect to one of the fastest growing online business directories on the internet today.

The Addocker platform currently (10th AUG 2018) has over 3,300 listed ads, now averaging 12.5 ads per day, up +3 ads per day from 1st May 2018, just over 90 days previous. Although we rank at just over 3 million, our popularity is also increasing having moved from 12 million to 3 million in just 2 years. Our team has plans to expand our presence on the internet thereby giving your business more free exposure.

19th September 2018 is now averaging 25x ads per day from business owners located in various countries. Our global #website popularity has also increased now ranking at 2,278,082 up 721,918 in just 39 days. We believe within the following 24 months will be a serious competitor to some of the post popular, long established global business directories on the internet today. By the end of this term we forecast we’ll have over 45,000 ads 95% of which will be individual business members.

If you haven’t already done so, list a free business ad today and place your company on addocker’s global map because people are looking to do business with companies just like yours.

5th November 2018 is now ranked 1,192,321 of the most popular websites in the world. An increase of 1,085,761 in just under 7 weeks. Source:

We anticipate this steady rise in the rankings to continue as daily ad numbers increase and it will not be long until addocker enters the below 1 million of most popular websites in the world. There are over 170 million active websites in the world and a lot more inactive websites.

We’re now averaging 30 new #business ads per day; up by 5x ads per day over the same period.

Go ahead and list a free ad for your #company. We’ll be tweeting ads from addocker to our twitter followers in the coming months to increase views for our members.

27th January 2019

Number of business ads

There are 11,424 ads listed on an increase of 8,124 ads since our 10th Aug 2018 update when the total was 3,300 ads listed. Over 168 days the average daily ad listing has increased and to date stands at approximately x48 new business ads each day.

At the current level of new global businesses listing ads on addocker, over the next 12 months we forecast there to be 17,500 new business ads. Which would mean we’d have around 29,000 global business ads by this time next year.

However since the daily average is growing week on week, it’s highly likely that the predicted growth will exceed this number by at last 20% which means we could see 35,000 business ads listed.

Alexa Ranking

Just under three months ago, was ranked 1,192,321 in the world. It is currently ranked 543,923 a #global rise of 648,398 in under 12 weeks. Alexa checking 11,093,355 websites today, source: addocker continues to climb as it becomes more popular.


We have shared thousands of business ads from addocker to twitter over the last few weeks and shall continue to do so. Over the coming months we’ll be expanding our marketing across social media including facebook ads.

20th June 2019

“Due to site maintenance your Ad will not go live until further notice”

July 17, 2016