Banner Advertising on ADDOCKER.COM

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Banner Advertising on ADDOCKER.COM
Advertise your business by displaying your company banner on ADDOCKER.COM

We have a range of options to choose from.   

…..more info to follow … this page is being updated …..

Right Hand Side Bar: desk top view (display location will vary depending on what screen a banner is being viewed from) 

1st position = TOP Right.
All banner prices based on locations and durations are as follows:

1st TOP Right = £100 duration 30 days / 3 months to 6 months deduct 15% discount. (Same discount % applies to the following banner locations if taken out from 3 to 6 months).
2nd Right = £90 duration 30 days  
3rd Right = £80 duration 30 days
4th Right = £70 duration 30 days 

1. Provide us with an image design jpeg file, max width.length 300 x 250, or banner code. 
2. Banner content and linked website must not breach our listing rules. We will need to approve  your Banner Ad content and web link before you make payment. [email protected] 
3. Banner will go live on an agreed date or as soon as possible (whatever you choose) and the time it will be displayed for will begin from that date/time.