JustCo Singapore Cross Street Exchange

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Contact Author 18 Cross Street, #02-101 Singapore, Singapore 048423



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JustCo Singapore Cross Street Exchange

Situated in one of Singapore’s most distinct and iconic areas Chinatown, JustCo at Cross Street Exchange will be housed in the newly-facelifted property; a mixed-use complex comprising of premium commercial retail, office space and an all-new hotel residence.
Members at JustCo at Cross Street Exchange can look forward to a variety of meeting and entertainment areas, inclusive of pop-up display corners to showcase products, a large event space with a platform stage, games and collaboration corners for members to fully harness the effect of co-working by seeking new connections through networking and curated events.
Taking influences from its cultural neighbourhood, the space will boast retro and nostalgic elements – featuring metal work, wireframe structures and greenery akin to metal gated shophouses from the yesteryears.
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