The Pawfect Touch

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The Pawfect Touch

The Pawfect Touch salon is a
reflection of our highest level of empathy and love for a pet animal.

At The Pawfect Touch salon, our
skilled and experienced professionals use high quality equipment like dog
trimmers, dog clippers, dog nail clippers and dog ear cleaners to provide you cost-effective
dog grooming service at Westmeadows and Greenvale.

 By using the best quality
shampoo, conditioners, ear cleansers, and other pet grooming supplies, we groom
your pet dogs. We use the latest apparatus and modern techniques to reduce the dog
grooming process time.

We follow Pet Industry Association’s guidelines and provide
hassle-free grooming for your pet. To ensure utmost hygienic condition at our
salon, we always sterilize equipment to avoid transfer of fleas and
Keeping your dogs groomed is highly important as it keeps them healthy and free
from flea at all times and that is why we help to do the same with the services: dog
grooming, dog bath, dog trimmers, dog wash Greenvale, dog nail clippers, dog grooming
service, dog brushing, dog clippers, dog ear cleaner, flea rinse, dog full

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Address 18 Hillcrest Dr, Westmeadows,3049,VIC