Upnotch Cleaning Services

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Upnotch Cleaning Services

(678) 873-4550
We provide superior residue-free cleaning at a reasonable price and we’ve been RATED THE BEST By our clients. Our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and area rug cleaning prices. Our prices include everything you need to guarantee you that the carpet, upholstery and area rugs will smell fresh and stay looking cleaner longer. We do the disinfecting and deodorizing to kill all the germs, the dust mites and leave a new fresh lemon scent. We use a Residue-Free cleaning solution and we will defoam the carpet, upholstery and/or area rugs to remove any old soaps if you’ve used a shampoo-type cleaning process in the past

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Address 8024 Southside Blvd #222 Jacksonville, FL 32256
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